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Ask Real Football Man – Issue 2

After the spectacular start to the “Ask Real Football Man” series last week, I return with a bulging mailbox (ok 2 questions) this week as I offer my views on the main issues in the World of Football.

Without any more hesitation, here is what came through the mailbox this week:

After reading last week’s article regarding Women’s Football in the media, Sara Joseph a contributor to the website www.thefootballmind.com has asked

“why does everyone call it a mans game ? The moment this happens, women’s football takes a back seat. What are you planning to do to change this thought line ?”

Well to be honest Sara. I think that’s because that’s the way it is ingrained in people’s thought and the perception that people have of Football. That and the sheer weight of numbers that Men participate in the game compared to Women. That’s not to ignore the rising number of Females playing the sport now and the increased coverage they are getting but it’s going to take a generational shift or even two before there’s anywhere near parity between the two sexes in terms of the beautiful game.

As for what I am planning to do to change this, I think it’s a bit out of remit to be honest, this is more a question for National F.A’s and FIFA to market and promote Women’s Football better. They certainly have improved in this aspect but there is still some way to go on that front.

Moving away from Women’s Football and a subject dear to my heart. Christian the author of the tigercopywriting.wordpress.com/ blog has asked me “Do I think Tottenham can win the League this season?”

A very good question and after Sunday’s win at Manchester City then why not. That victory coupled with Leicester’s defeat to Arsenal has made the quest for the Premier League what is now seemingly a 3 horse race. The win at The Etihad was almost a coming of age performance from Mauricio Pochettino’s young side and I think if people hadn’t already by the end of Sunday a lot of people would have sat up and took notice of Spurs.

They are almost in the perfect position as the majority is on Leicester and the questions being asked on whether they can sustain this form, will the manner in which they lost to Arsenal on Sunday put the team in a start of a slump or can they bounce back from this and finished the job they have started so well.

Things that could go against Spurs are the fact they are competing on three fronts with the Europa League and F.A. Cup ties to come this weekend. Will player fatigue be their undoing, Harry Kane did look particularly tired against Manchester City so I would expect him to be rested for the next two or even three matches.

Mauricio Pochettino’s squad management has certainly been one of the clubs strong points this season and they will be privy to a whole range of data regarding fitness and conditioning so we can only make conjecture regarding player fatigue. Although one thing we do know is that it’s going to be a hell of a ride between now and the end of the season.

That concludes Part 2 of “Ask Real Football Man” if anyone has any questions for next week then please leave them in the comments below or e-mail me at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com


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