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How to Watch Premier League Live 2017/18

Premier League

After the news in the British press last week about how Kodi could be facing the deathknell due to the fact that ISP’s (internet service providers) will now have the power to cut off the service to anyone believed to be streaming Premier League action it means the game could …

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Premier League Free Transfer List Revealed


Roll up, roll up get yourself a Premier League bargain. The governing body of the English top flight have announced the long list of players that are available on a free transfer. Without doubt the name heading that list is none of other than Zlatan Ibrahimovic after his departure from …

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What If The Premier League Was Americanised?


What with foriegn owners coming over here (and stealing our Football clubs) many feel that the heritage of English football is becoming further and further eroded. Many crazy ideas that are mooted by relatively new Premier League club owners are thankfully shot down due to the fact that they do …

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Can an underdog ever win a Premiership again?

 When Leicester City won the Premier League earlier this year, it was hailed as a footballing miracle. Until last spring, it seemed as though the Premiership was now permanently dominated by a select few super-clubs, where success was self-perpetuating and major financial backing would always guarantee the best players, training …

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