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Why I Love This Goal

Cast your mind back to 20 or so years ago and Ronaldo (the original one) was hitting new heights for Barcelona and was embarking on becoming the world’s greatest player at that time. Signed from PSV by Bobby Robson, his stint at the Nou Camp may only have been a short one after staying just a season before moving to Inter Milan but at the time he spent with the Catalan giants was nothing short of phenomenal and it was arguably this particular goal which earned him the nickname El Fenómeno.

The setting is at lowly Compostela and Barcelona are already 2-0 up early on in the game and then it is time for the Brazilian to unleash his raw power on a defence which did not know what had hit them, or should that be run through them. After picking the ball up in his own half it was then time to turn on the after burners. Firstly his brute strength sees him shrug off two players with ease.

One of them then looks to halt him in his tracks by pulling his shirt, but that does little to stop the man beast as he only has one target in mind. After charging towards to the box he then takes it past or perhaps bulldozing his way past is a better description for finally firing the ball past the hapless Compostela goalkeeper. A truly exhilarating goal and in my opinion the one that meant that he had truly arrived on the world’s stage.

We all know what would happen in the World Cup 1998 Final when convulsions before the game saw him eventually take part as a bystander and then some awful injuries which saw him miss large chunks of game time either side of the millennium celebrations and with that in mind absolutely no-one could begrudge him winning the World Cup in 2002 as it said that he was back to rule the world.

But it is this goal that put him at the top of the footballing hierarchy and although his star may not have shone for long it did burn incredibly bright….

And that is why I love this goal

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