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Premier League Predictions – Week 24 (Review)

In a busy Footballing weekend which then also coincided with me getting a nice dose of manflu on Sunday the recap of Premier League Predictions slipped my mind yesterday as I struggled to even breathe out of my nose. Thankfully a massive dose of Day and Night Nurse has seen me return to some semblance of normality so without further ado, here is what I predicted over the course of last weekend (it seems so long ago now)


Chelsea vs Arsenal – Chelsea Win YES

Crystal Palace vs Sunderland – Crystal Palace Win NO

Everton vs Bournemouth – Everton Win YES

Hull vs Liverpool – Liverpool Win NO

Southampton vs West Ham – Southampton Win NO

Watford vs Burnley – Watford Win YES

West Brom vs Stoke – Draw YES

Tottenham vs Middlesbrough – Tottenham Win YES


Manchester City vs Swansea – Manchester City Win YES

Leicester vs Manchester United – Manchester United Win YES

Well after that absolutely abysmal 2 out of 10 in Week 23, it’s good to see that I’ve done a lot better this time around. A solid 7 out of 10 leaves me on the outskirts of a Europa League place this time around. More importantly it does wonders for my strike rate after the hammering it took last season. It’s now 126 out of 240, which for all you maths fans is 52.5%

That concludes the recap for Week 24, I’ll be back on Thursday with my week 25 picks. Until then.

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