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A new look for the new season

If you have visited this post and you are a regular reader then you will have noticed that the site has undergone a revamp.

What with a new season just around the corner I felt it was time to freshen things up and create a better user experience for the opportant people such as yourself

I’ve adopted a new template which allows greater implementation of pictures to break up what was somewhat of a wall of text before…mind you it was good text if I don’t say so myself

With the articles now clearly split the hope is that people find the site a bit easier to navigate and don’t just read one article and go they can spend their time browsing through the 2000+ articles currently on the site.

It will mean absolutely no change in terms of content quality but I just felt that it needed better presentation and for the site to become a more polished end product

What it does mean is that the archive articles may have some incorrect alignment in terms of photos so if that is the case then please bare with me as I know have the arduous job of updating all the archives.

More importantly I would love your feedback in terms of the new design. Do you like it, does it load properly and are the ads showing?. Also if you could click on the ads just to test that they work I would grateful. Unfortunately I can’t quite retire on ad revenue alone right now so a few more pennies in the coffers will always help!

I hope you like the new look, it’s still got a few kinks that need ironing out but I’m very happy with the change and I hope you are too.

As always if you want to contact me on anything blog or freelance writing opportunities you can e-mail me at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com

Thanks again, now the next aim is to break 100,000 all time page views which we should get by the end of the month.

Onwards and upwards


If you are looking for content creators for your website and/or media outlet, then please drop me an email at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com and I'd be happy to discuss what opportunities you have. Thanks, Dan

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