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How Much Frustration Can Tottenham Fans Take?

Twitter and Social Media in general can be a very interesting place, one that offers plenty of resource and insight. However by the same token it can also be one were people like to vent their frustration, something that Tottenham fans have been well accustomed to as of late.

The reason for the ever growing frustration is not just the lack of transfer business, it is the fact that it is non existent. The North London outfit have yet to herald any new signings over the course of the Summer and this is something that is becoming a huge concern with their fan base.

A point that is all the more pertinent that when you consider that at the time of writing the start of the 2018/19 Premier League season is now just less than a fortnight away. The question now is just who if at all will Tottenham bring in as new personnel?

Now the fact that they have not signed anyone in the off season (full disclosure – if you didn’t know by now I am a Tottenham fan) is far from ideal, but at the same time is all the criticism that has been thrown at the club completely valid.

No Out’s Means No In’s

Are there circumstances that have stopped Tottenham doing the business that they wanted to do? If they are then perhaps one of them is the fact that the big names (Toby Alderweireld, Danny Rose and Mousa Dembele) have not left the club as expected.

This means that Tottenham now have to be reactive rather than pro-active, no departures means no immediate need for replacements. If they were to buy a new left or centre back then it means we would be far too overstocked in both departments.

Therefore you would have to imagine that players in these positions will only be purchased should either Alderweireld or Rose leave the club. That seems a fairly logical assessment but there is one small spanner in the works to go with it.

That being the fact that the other transfer windows don’t shut until the end of the month, therefore there could be the nightmare scenario where no left or centre back is signed before August 9th only to then see either of Rose and Alderweireld leave to a foreign climate.

Now although this not the most likely scenario, it is one that cannot not be ruled out altogether. That said if it was going to happen then you would have to imagine it would be the Belgian international defender that moves abroad rather than the English one.

That said stranger things have happened and right now it would be strange if we did actually sign someone. However, this also raises another question – just who do we need to sign exactly. If we cancel out the fact that we’re probably not going to stockpile defenders then the focus moves further up the pitch.

Oh Mousa Dembele

The future of Mousa Dembele is still up in the air, but regardless of his status with the club there needs to be some form of succession planning. One that you as a Tottenham fan would have already been put into place, especially as the consensus seems to be that a central midfielder is top priority between now and August 9th.

One thing to consider though is whether you opt for quality signings or quantity, now it would be very easy to say “if you stand still then you get behind” and there is a huge degree of truth in that. At the same time though just how much moving do Tottenham need to do this Summer?

On paper the team is arguably one or two big names from really going onto the next level, so perhaps the need for multiple names to join the squad in the off season is not as prevalent as say Arsenal or Chelsea. You have to remember they’ve done business because there is arguably the greater need to do so.

When you start comparing two clubs respective transfer business, it is always dangerous territory as you have to look at the circumstances behind them. For Arsenal it is Unai Emery coming in and trying to make a mark on the squad and building one he can call his own.

While although Chelsea have been not as active they still have installed a new manager of their own and with the arrival of Maurizio Sarri, he will have identified what areas will need to be improved. Something that has already been implemented with the arrival of midfielder Jorginho.

Considering we have picked up three top 3 finishes in as many season, they surely it has to be evolution rather than evolution this time around. The need for drastic change is not one that is required, the squad just needs a couple of small tweaks.

Stick Or Twist

So perhaps Mauricio Pochettino is looking at his first eleven, especially when you remember the expected departures are yet to have happened and is thinking to himself ‘just how exactly can I improve on what I have got’ and more importantly who would it be.

Here the issue that if a marquee signing is going to be captured between now and the next fortnight then it will obviously require a sizeable outlay. You would have to think the money is there, regardless of the stadium nearing completion.

And it is perhaps this which is causing the most ire for Tottenham fans, if the money is at our disposal then why is not being spent. The assumption is that Daniel Levy is being tight with the funds but perhaps they just cannot find the right player to come in and improve things.

The counter argument to that would be to at least sign someone, but at the same time why should we be settling for a fringe player and in a sense they are almost harder to purchase. You only have to look at the back up attackers we have bought as of late to see how getting the right squad player can be an ordeal.

The window has up until to this point been not just a bust, it has been a non-starter but I do think you do have to read between the lines at times. If we don’t sign someone in the next fortnight and we get off to a bad start to the season then it will rightly be used as a stick to beat the club with. All I’m saying is just hang tight for now.

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