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Jeremy Corbyn Channels His Inner Kevin Keegan

This website is not really known for its political stance (always vote on Tottenham) but with the UK General Election heating up its time to reveal some very important news


Jeremy Corbyn was interviewed on Sky News yesterday evening and when questioned by Kay Burley came out with a sensational outburst. With just days remaining before the nation goes to the polls, is this is the moment when Jezza loses the race or has it won the nations hearts and minds.

Here is the transcript of Jeremy’s rant: (KB – Kay Burley, JC – Jeremy Corbyn)

KB: What do you mean by that, things have been said about you and your team?

JC: No, no. I think things have been said about….I think you’ve got to send Theresa May a tape of this debate haven’t ya

Isn’t that what she asked for?

KB: Well I’m sure if she was watching it tonight she could have no arguments as how the SNP went about their job and really tested your party

JC: We’re going to the polls on Thursday and she objected to that. Now that was fixed up two months ago, we’re meant to be going to the polls.

That sort of stuff, we’re bigger. We’re better than that

KB: But that’s part and parcel of the psychological battle

JC: No, when you do that to a party like she said about the SNP and you do things like that about a woman like Diane Abbott.

I’ve kept really quiet, but I’ll tell you something she went down in my estimation when she said that, we have not resorted to that

But I’ll tell ya, you can tell her now if she’s watching it. We’re still fighting for this election and she’s got to go to Middlesbrough and get something.

And and I’ll tell ya honestly, I would love it if we beat them, love it.

Sensation words from Jeremy Corbyn


Inspiration from Kevin Keegan

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