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Jamie Vardy keeps us waiting

Arsenal wanted an answer before Jamie Vardy got on the plane to France yesterday but they didn’t get the answer they wanted, come to think of it they didn’t get any answer and now we could be looking at one of the most protracted transfer deals of the early Summer

Only there is one slight stumbling block and that’s the fact that Euro 2016 starts on Friday with England’s first game against Russia taking place a day later

For Vardy the orders now from Roy Hodgson will be to forget about any possible move to Arsenal as international glory can be the only focus for the Leicester Striker for the duration of England’s participation in the tournament

So if England were to go all the way that would mean that Jamie Vardy’s future wouldn’t be decided for at least a month and as we all know from previous experience the longer the saga is drawn out the more the detriment to the player on the field

Has Vardy had his turned or is he playing Arsenal off against his current club Leicester. With Vardy only signing a new contract in February one way or another that weekly wage will be increased by the end of the Summer

Or does Vardy feel that by potentially having a good tournament he can further enhance his worth and then name his price in terms of contract negotiations for either Leicester or Arsenal.

Arsenal are supposed to be offering a contract worth of £120,000 a week, if Vardy does go on to add the European Championship to Premier League success then I would imagine that figure to increase

If England do progress and Arsenal still want their man could Roy Hodgson offer Vardy a period of grace in the knockout periods to sort the situation once and for all and make sure there are no distractions at the business end of the tournament

Also the wider question for Leicester is if Vardy leaves will then Riyad Mahrez and N’Golo Lange then depart. It would then seem that if one was to leave them the whole band of brothers could split

Maybe they all feel that this was an absolute one off and now is the time to cash in on their success. When you read reports of wages being trebled then frankly who can blame them

I don’t think anyone wants to be seen as the first to leave but if and when that someone does then the whole house of cards could come crashing down at The King Power. It’s going to be a massive few weeks for all connected to Leicester City.

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