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Goal Line Technology Video 2016/17 Season

Goal Line technology was something that was feared by many when it was first discussed as football fans by and large have a distrust of anything that means change will be implemented. As we all know by now the clamour to see it introduced picked up a pace when Frank Lampard was denied a legitimate goal in the 2010 World Cup.

Even FIFA’s Sepp Blatter was apprehensive at the thought of bringing technology into the game but after such a farcical decision or lack thereof it was only a matter of time before it was finally implemented. We first saw it unleashed on the footballing world during the 2014 World Cup.

British based fans will no doubt remember when Jonathan Pearce could not get to grips with how it worked in the game between France and Honduras. Pearce was adamant the technology was fit for purpose and Martin Keown of all people had to become the voice of reason.

With a perfect implementation in Brazil three years ago it was only a matter of time before it reached club football and the Premier League was one of the first adopters. Their may have been question marks as to the benefits of installing goal line technology but it is fair to say the game is now a lot better for it.

After showing how positive it has been in the Premier League, it has now been adopted in a number of major European leagues as well as competitions such the UEFA Champions League and European Championships, if it is a major game then this all important referees aid will be in place.

And now after what has been a busy season you can watch the scenarios in which it has been called into question, some of these you can never make the correct call with the human eye so in my opinion it is something of a god send.

In my opinion that is far as we need to go in terms of technology as a goal is a finite decision, where we start going down the world of Video technology is where it starts to get a bit murky. Although unfortunately it looks as if they genie is out the bottle.

You can watch the video of all the goal line technology decisions in full HERE

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