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Champions League Top Seeds Announced

Uefa have announced their top seeds for the 2015/16 Champions League Group Stages they are as follows:

Bayern Munich
Paris St Germain
Zenit St Petersburg
PSV Eindhoven

Uefa have decided that only champions of the top 8 countries in terms of coefficients will be the top seeds. In doing this it actually rewards the champions of the top leagues and doesn’t punish teams for not having a European history as such with Manchester City being 3rd and 4th seeds over the last few years being a perfect example. I expect the big losers of this will be Arsenal who will no longer be in the top seed bracket simply because of getting to the last 16 ever year.

Also it should freshen up the groups slightly as over the last few years we have pretty much seen the same group games repeated on a near annual basis. Arsenal v Dortmund and Bayern Munich vs Manchester City spring to mind. With any change there will always be winners and losers, with the winners saying it’s good and the losers having a moan (sorry Arsenal fans).

Not the biggest change in the world as the status quo is never going to be changed too much in fear of upsetting the big clubs but this is someway of redressing the seeding balance which had gone a bit askew over the last few season. Roll on next season.

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