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Can The Sky Bet Super Boost Make You Rich? – Part 5

Usually these articles take on more of a preview kind of slant but this time around it is more in the form of a review as I focus on what happened last weekend as we continue the quest as to whether or not the SkyBet Price Boost can make you rich or not.

Last week the powers that be at SkyBet offered up this somewhat measly offering at 4/1

Manchester City to beat Watford
Liverpool to beat Burnley
Leeds to beat Millwall

So firstly we have seen our first offering from Manchester City and also our first offering into the EFL Championship, something I must say I was not all too keen about. Ultimately though were it to have come in we would have been looking at a return of £25.

But alas after my early morning confidence after placing the bet it was not to be as only Manchester City came good and this meant it it was another win for SkyBet this time around. Let’s see how what bearing this has had on the totaliser.

Price Boosts Bet On – 5
Money Placed – £25
Price Boosts Won – 1
Total Winnings – £35
Profit – £10
Win Rate – 20%

So we are in profit by £10 therefore I can afford another two defeats before we go back to break even. The win rate is now done to 1 in 5 so that means if this run of form was to follow throughout the season we would only pick up somewhere in the region of 7 wins. Giving this a profit of £70, not bad but at the end of the day profit is profit.

As promised I will provide some statistics behind the bet

Fixtures – 15
Correct Outcomes – 7
Correct Outcome Rate – 46.6%

Teams chosen to win

Arsenal – 1
Burnley – 1
Chelsea – 2
Everton – 1
Crystal Palace – 2
Leeds – 1
Leicester – 1
Liverpool – 2
Manchester City – 2
Southampton – 1
Tottenham – 1
Watford – 1

Still no Manchester United to be picked to win this season

Teams that have won

Arsenal – 1 (100%)
Chelsea – 1 (50%)
Everton – 1 (100%)
Leicester – 1 (100%)
Liverpool – 1 (50%)
Manchester City – 1 (100%)
Tottenham – 1 (100%)

Teams that have let me down

Burnley – 1
Chelsea – 1
Crystal Palace – 2
Leeds – 1
Liverpool – 1
Southampton – 1
Watford – 1

So in summary and to answer the question, the price boost can not perhaps make you rich but it can put you in profit…..just. Here’s hoping week six delivers a victory


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