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Back after a weekend break

You may have noticed that there was no content posted over the weekend, I took the decision of giving myself a well earned weekend break from it all especially with the European Championships and Copa America right around the corner.

But after any break it means I’m back and raring to go and will have a whole host of articles over the next few weeks, so don’t forget to visit the blog on a regular basis. The first game of the European Championships is just 4 days away now but that’s not all that is set to happen over the next few days

Will Jamie Vardy move to Arsenal after The Gunners activated his release clause, is this the right decision for Vardy. More importantly can they get any potential deal done before the end of the week when the full focus shifts to International Football

Also Ronald Koeman is very much in demand, can Everton prise him away from St Mary’s to Goodison Park. Like Vardy’s possible move to Arsenal, would that be considered the right move. Southampton have European Football next season but can they match Koeman’s ambition. Is Koeman better waiting for a perceived bigger club to come in for him or has he taken Southampton as far as he can and feels now is the time to move on

How successful will Zlatan Ibrahimovic be at Manchester United. In my opinion it’s a shame he didn’t come to the Premier League a couple of years earlier but it certainly won’t be a dull place with him around next season

Who will win the European Championships, who will win the Copa America. Can England get past the Quarter Finals in a major tournament for the first time in 20 years

There are so many questions and hopefully over the next few weeks will have at least some of those answers. I don’t know about you but I’m very excited.

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