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2017/18 Premier League Predictions – Week 24 (Review)

We head into an F.A. Cup hiatus this weekend which means there is no predictions to offer up this week but there is always something to review, another all important gameweek came to a close on Monday night and therefore it is time to review how I fared. This might not make for good reading in all honesty


Brighton vs Chelsea – Draw NO

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace – Arsenal Win YES

Burnley vs Manchester United – Manchester United Win YES

Everton vs West Brom – Everton Win NO

Leicester vs Watford – Leicester Win YES

Stoke vs Huddersfield – Draw NO

West Ham vs Bournemouth – West Ham Win NO

Manchester City vs Newcastle – Manchester City Win YES


Southampton vs Tottenham – Tottenham Win NO


Swansea vs Liverpool – Liverpool Win NO

A couple of coupon busters along the way have not helped with both Tottenham and Liverpool both unexpectedly failing to win over the weekend, not to mention in hindsight some pretty poor picks. Brighton vs Chelsea I am looking particularly at you there.

So with those combined factors it means that I scored a poor four our of ten, lower mid table and if the slump continues I will be like Marco Silva and out the door. Not only that though but it also means I have slipped below 50% strike rate once again.

Last week I was exactly 50% for the season and would have needed 5 out of 10 to continue to do so, this now means that I find myself just one correct prediction short of that. The current tally for this campaign sits out 119 out of 240 picks that are correct, in percentage terms this is 49.5%

Not ideal but not the end of the world either as I only need six out of ten to get it back to an even 50% – the next predictions that I offer up will be in exactly seven days time. So until then!

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